About Fatland

Fatland is a family company, owned by the Fatland family.

Rasmus Fatland started the slaughtering business around 1892 in Vikedal and moved later to Oslo to sell meat to the butchers in Sunnhordaland and Jæren. The tradition was continued by his son Severin and later by Severin’s sons Sverre and Ole. Ståle, Svein, Inge and Vidar Fatland represent the fourth Fatland generation and present owners, who all take active part in running the company.

The first slaughterhouse was built by Helgevold in Sandeid in 1937, a plant that Severin Fatland took over in 1947. Business grew and Fatland built a new slaughterhouse in Sandeid in 1957.

New requirements to slaughterhouses and an increasing number of suppliers made Fatland build a new slaughterhouse in Ølen in 1974, Norway’s biggest private slaughterhouse at that time. In the 1980s, Fatland bought up other slaughterhouses – in Oslo, Bergen and Sandnes Jæren region).

In the middle of the 1990s, Fatland bought the processing pland Skjeggerød AS in Sandefjord, close to Oslo. We became owner of one of the largest and most modern meat processing companies in Norway – which also gave us access to the important grocery market.

Today there are 570 staff members working with meat in Ølen, Oslo, Sandefjord and Jæren.

In the 1990s, focus was put on processing of by-products. Fatland Hud og Skinn (Hide and Fur), Fatland Ull (Wool) and Miljøfor Norge (Animal feed) are all companies established to strengthen the economy and the overall competence of the corporation, and therefore also for the suppliers.

During the last years our aim has been to increase meat processing and consumer sales, and due to good cooperation with the major supermarket chains we have succeeded.

Meat exports and imports have been the fastest growing part of the company the latest years. This is now organizen in Fatland Meat AS.


Food safety has always been important to the company, and in order to guarantee safe products, our plants have for some years now been certified in accordance to the very strict BRC-standards.

A long history is no guarantee for a long future, but it is certainly good ballast on the journey. Satisfied consumers and competent producers are our objectives.

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