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Fatland Sandefjord AS

Good meat products made of Norwegian and international traditional recipes’. The company supplies to consumers all over the country.


A modern meat industry company with competence and innovation spirit. These were the elements that made Fatland Group buy this plant in Sandefjord - in order to guarantee that meat from our producers would have access to meat counters throughout the country.

A fully modern production plant was built in 1985 next to the highway to Sandefjord in the Vestfold region. It was important to be close to the market as much as possible. Today the area is quite attractive since the nearby Torp International airport.

The plant’s main products are sausages and cooked hams which are sold by our sales company Skjeggerød AS with the SKJEGGERØD trademark and/or supermarket own brands.

Fatland Sandefjord has 130 staff members. It has supply agreements throughout the country with Norway’s two largest supermarket chains: NorgesGruppen (Spar, Meny, Kiwi, Ultra) and COOP-NKL (Prix, Mega, Obs!) and many other good clients. The company also sells to the HORECA sector.

Since 2002, the Sandefjord business has been divided into two companies:

Fatland Sandefjord AS is the industrial company with main production of sausages and cooked hams.

Skjeggerød AS is a joint sales company for the industrial companies in Fatland-Skjeggerød group. Under Skjeggerød AS we have a sales team of over 30 people attending shops all over the country.


Our processing facilities in Sandefjord


Fatland Sandefjord AS

  • Fokserød, 3241 Sandefjord
  • Tel: +47 33 48 52 00
  • Tel/fax +47 33 48 52 84 


Skjeggerød AS

  • Fokserød
  • Tel. Sales office +47 33 48 52 20
  • Tel/fax sales office +47 33 47 00 15


Key figures Fatland Sandefjord


Managing Director:

Bjørn Bredesen




382 mill.


6219 tons

Efta number:


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