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Fatland Ølen AS

Fatland Ølen AS – Fatland’s largest plant and most diversified activities.


Fatland Ølen slaughters cattle, pig and sheep/lamb. The plant has a cutting section mainly for pig and sheep/lamb. The plant has also a production department where all the minced meet products are produced. As well as bacon, meat cake products, schnitzel, consumer packed meat and pet food.

Fatland Ølen was built in 1974 and has since been expanded and modernized several times. After Fatland Bergen was shut down in the beginning of 2001, the quantity of slaughter in Ølen has increased, and the slaughterhouse now picks up slaughter from Hjelmeland in the south, Karmøy in the west, Telemark in the east and Sognefjorden in the north.

In the last years, the Fatland Ølen plant has been expanded with the building of a new Distribution Hub for the Group where we dispatch on daily basis products to 700 shops. The processing area has also been expanded and new machinery for production and packing acquired.


Fatland Ølen AS

  • Pb. 241
  • 5588 ØLEN
  • Tel. + 47 53 77 55 00
  • Tel/fax: +47 53 77 55 94

Key figures Fatland Ølen AS


Managing Director:

Svein Fatland




1 588 million


9 629 tons


14 291 tons


18 218 tons

Efta number:




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