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Fatland Meat is the company operating exports and imports of meat in Fatland.

Fatland is also aware that the meat production and trading is more and more international. In order to interact with peer companies abroad we have established a trading company for meat products. Our main goals are to:

  • Complement with imports of meat when it is a demand in the Norwegian market
  • Export of meat offal and Norwegian specialties
  • Internationalization of Fatland group of companies

The company wants to keep the highest standard on the meat products traded abroad. Our international suppliers must follow Norwegian quality and hygienic standards and our quality department inspect the suppliers for final clearance. It is our policy to keep a stable and long-term partnership with peer companies abroad.

Mitsuko Snijders

Mitsuko Snijders

Office address
Fatland Jæren, Hommersåkveien 250, 4311 Hommersåk, Norway

Import of carcasses
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